Our clients are seeking the services of surety claim consultants and experts for matters regarding surety claims and obligations.

Our clients want the insight and practical expertise of a surety insider to meet their objectives. Working with the appropriate consultant or expert witness, they are better able to identify and develop issues, and make fully-informed decisions.

We cover all types of surety bond claims, contract or non-contract, and have the experience our clients require.

Generally, they are parties, their attorneys or representatives which are claimants, potential claimants, persons or entities that may be owed or may owe an obligation under a bond and are contemplating interaction with a surety. These may include: the obligee, obligor, principal, claimant, project owner, construction manager, architect, general contractor, subcontractor, vendor, material supplier, indemnitor, insurance regulators and examiners, reinsurers, and the co-sureties or sureties themselves.

Surety Consultants and Expert Witnesses

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