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Photon & Electron Heuristics - General

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Animated Photon Electron Loxodromes
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...are posted for the benefit of those image-searching for animated photons and electrons. They are based on my understanding of ideas from Vernon Brown, Milo Wolff, Richard Feynman, Carver Mead, Gabriel LaFrenière, Geoffrey Haselhurst, Albert Einstein, Erwin Schrödinger et al and et c., aka "photon theory" and "the wave structure of matter."

Made with Microsoft Paint and Lunapic, satisfactory standing waves, Hopf toruses and vortexes have eluded me, but some of these results are simple and easy to remember, the key to heuristics.

Warnings and Disclaimers: Nothing here is "right" and almost everything can be described several different ways. Use extreme caution if answering homework questions or designing photon torpedoes. Sometimes two-dimensions looks like a sphere, sometimes maybe a convex inside-out mirrored Mercator sphere, popping right out of your screen. For entertainment purposes only.

Bryan Kelly

Photon & Electron Heuristics - This Page

This is a loxodrome. Depending on what you believe, these are key components to photons and electrons. This page shows what might be slices or shadows and how they interact. You can see how they mimic spherical standing waves, especially in that faster whirlpool whipping motion, above in the slideshow, recalling a vortex as well. Below, there are two sets of (what I call) opposing loxodromes (in the nature of photons) at ninety degrees, roughly outlining an exploded view of an electron.

                    Animated GIF Loxodrome
Animated GIF Loxodrome Animated GIF Loxodrome
                   Animated GIF Loxodrome
Animated Photon Heuristic

  "Too Cheap To Meter"? We've heard that one before. 

"The Flying Car"? "Antigravity"? Ridiculous!  

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